Attendee Tracking Solutions

ExpoTools understands that having access to accurate attendance data is a critical component in planning future events. Based on your needs, we'll create a customized, turnkey solution that will accurately track virtually any type of badge you decide to use.

Our sophisticated scanning and decoding technology eliminates the frustration of scanning errors, and attendance data is available in real time via our secure web portal.

Our portable solutions provide the maximum amount of flexibility because they do not require electricity to operate successfully. You are free to move around your events entrances to streamline participant flow into the meeting rooms.

Here are some of the items available for these services:


1A light weight, battery powered barcode, magstripe & RFID reader with color graphical LCD display and touchscreen. Features include: WiFi capable, Direct to Web, Assistance Request, Custom Qualifiers, Custom Surveys, Remote Monitoring, Wireless Printing, Wireless Connect to PC, operates 30-40 hours on a single charge. More Info.


1A light weight portable 1D-2D barcode reader with graphical LCD display, Li+ rechargeable battery, USB, 40-50 hours on a single charge. More Info.

Self Scan

1Great for session tracking where attendees scan their own RFID or Barcode badge. Optional customized receipts. Color display for session information. Pre-scheduled auto-advance of session data.


1A light weight portable 13.56MHz RFID reader with graphical LCD display, Li+ rechargeable battery, USB, 125 hours on a single charge. More Info.

RFID Door Gates

1Our complete RFID Portal solution tracks attendance at over 99% accuracy. Includes real-time tracking, intuitive reporting software, and support. DG200 More Info. / D300 More Info.


1Allows simple badge scanning to track IN/OUT. Large easy to read IN and OUT indicators. Non-contact - simply hold badge near reader. More Info.


1The InfoSpot is designed as a portable scanning device for short range HF tags. InfoSpots are powered by a rechargeable battery that lasts approximately three days so they can be utilized virtually anywhere within a venue. More Info.